Required documents for admission

Types of admitting:

Internări de zi pentru investigații preoperatorii, controale postoperatorii, tratamente ortopedice ale traumatismelor minore și kinetoterapie.

Daily internments/admissions:  for pre surgical investigations, post surgical controls, Orthopedic treatments of minor injuries and physiotherapy.

Permanent internments/admissions

  • emergency, the emergency room of the hospital, 24h/24h - fractures and other injuries, etc
  • scheduled according to the waiting lists issued after the Orthopedic consultation - replacements, arthroscopies, ligament plasties other elective interventions

Required documents:

  • Referral from your family doctor
  • Certificate of the employee / pension voucher / payment proof of the health insurance
  • Identity card
  • Any other medical document which could help the doctor to evaluate the patient
    • Previous imagistic investigations – X-ray examinations, RMN, CT, ultrasound examination results
    • Previous discharge letters
    • Previous medical letters
    • Medical test results