Documents required for the consultation

A referral from the family doctor – it is advisable to have a referral from your family doctor, but it is not necessarily (mandatory). In case that further investigations are needed the referral from your family doctor can help you to avoid additional taxes to perform them.

Card from national health insurance house
Identity card

Any medical document which could help the doctor to evaluate the patient

  • Previous imagistic investigations – X-ray examinations, RMN, CT, ultrasound examination results
  • Previous discharge letters
  • Previous medical letters
  • Medical test results

In order to extend the medical leave, the following documents are needed

  • The certificate specifying the number of employee’s sick days in the last 12 months
  • A Xerox copy of the initial medical leave
  • A referral from the family doctor
! Remember – to extend the medical leave, according to the Romania law, it is mandatory to present yourself to your treating doctor at least 24 hours previous to its expiry.