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Consiliere personalizata

Consiliere personalizata pentru diagnosticul, tratamentul sau recuperarea unor afecțiuniale aparatului musculo-scheletal
Consiliere personalizata in stabilirea gradului de urgenta al problemei ortopedice.


  • Nu trebuie sa ieși din casa pentru a găsi o soluție unei suferințe medicale
  • Eviți aglomerarea camerelor de garda si frustrarea așteptării daca problema ta nu este considerata urgenta
  • Ai acces la un sfat medical profesionist oriunde ai fi, in orice zi
  • Posibilitatea de a primi o a doua opinie („secondopinion”) pentru un diagnostic stabilit anterior într-o alta unitate sanitara



Starting October 2017, SC Ortomedtim SRL adds to its range of services the possibility to practice private surgeries at the Premiere Hospital.

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Looking for an orthopedic clinic in Timisoara?

I am a medical doctor (MD, PhD) specialized in trauma and orthopedics, and I activate both at the 2nd department of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Emergency County Hospital “Pius Branzeu” of Timisoara and at ORTOMEDTIM, a private practice located at 20 Circumvalatiunii Street, Timisoara.

At the same time I am involved in the teaching and research activity as a teaching assistant at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Victor Babes" Timisoara.

Information for patients

Documents required for the consultation

A referral from the family doctor – it is advisable to have a referral from...

Required documents for admission

Types of admitting: Internări de zi pentru investigații preoperatorii, controale postoperatorii, tratamente ortopedice ale traumatismelor...

Pre surgical preparation

One month before the surgery: You should appoint a consultation preferably with all the family...

Post surgery Protocols

Pentru mai multe detalii accesati link-urile de mai jos: Post surgery protocol for total hip...



Upper limb trauma Proximal humeral fractures Diaphyseal fractures of the humerus Distal humeral fractures Fractures of the forearm bones Fracture...

Joint arthroplasty

Hip hemiarthroplasty (unipolar prosthesis) Hip hemiarthroplasty (bipolar prosthesis) Total hip arthroplasty with cemented endoprosthesis Total hip arthroplasty with noncemented endoprosthesis...

Surgery of the shoulder

Orthopedics Cure of recurrent scapular-humeral dislocation Cure of the subacromial impingement (scapulo-humeral periarthritis) Insertional lesions of the Bicipital tendon(SLAP) Treatment...

Surgery of the elbow

Orthopedics The treatment of epicondylitis (the tennisman’s elbow, the golf player’s elbow) Olecranon bursectomy Neurolysis and cubital nerve transposition Surgical...

The surgery of the hand

Orthopedics Carpal tunnel syndrome (median nerve decompression) Guyon tunnel syndrome (cubital nerve decompression) Trigger fingers Collateral policis ligamentoplasty (gamekeeper’s thumb)...

Surgery of the hip

Orthopedics Surgical treatment of the primary and secondary coxarthrosis Surgical treatment of the necrosis of the femoral neck Surgical treatment...

Surgery of the knee

Orthopedics Total knee arthroplasty Revision knee arthroplasty Knee Arthroscopy Diagnostic arthroscopy of the knee Knee arthroscopy with meniscectomy Knee arthroscopy...

The surgery of the ankle and of the leg

Orthopedics Treatment of hallux valgus Surgical cure of hammer toe’s Ankle athrodesis Subtalar arthrodesis Ankle sindesmoplasty Surgical cure of the...

Other services performed

- Intra-articular infiltrations with hyaluronic acid agents
- Local infiltrations / intra-articular corticosteroids
- Epidural infiltrations under X-ray guidance (lombosciatics)
- Local infiltrations with filtered plasma
- Stimulating the consolidation of fractures by placing percutaneously osteoconductive and osteoinductive bone substitutes
- Articular mobilizations in anesthesia
- Application, suppression of plaster casts
- Referrals for conducting musculoskeletal imagistic investigations




Osteoarthritis Avascular necrosis of the femoral head Trigger - Hip Hip dislocations Fracture of the femoral neck


Osteoarthritis Tibial axis malaligmnements: genu varum/valgum Meniscus tears Discoid meniscus Anterior cruciate ligament ruptures Collateral ligament injuries Cartilage injuries Patello-femoral...


Scapulo-humeral recurrent dislocation (shoulder instability) Rotator cuff tears Subacromial impingement syndrome Bicipital tendinopathies Adhesive capsulitis Acromio-clavicular acute/chronic dislocations Acromio-clavicular arthrosis


Medial epicondylitis Lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) Distal biceps tendon rupture Cubital tunnel syndrome Heterotopic ossifications

Upper limb trauma

Humeral surgical neck fractures Diaphyseal fractures of the humerus Distal humeral fractures Forearm bones fracture Fracture of the hand bones

Lower limb trauma

Pertrochanteric fracture Femoral shaft fracture Supra/intercondylar fractures Patellar fractures Tibial plateau fractures Tibial shaft fractures Ankle fractures Calcaneus fractures Other...


Carpal tunnel syndrome Guyon tunnel syndrome De Quervain tendinitis Radio-carpal ganglion Carpal scaphoid fracture Dupuytren disease

Ankle and foot

Achilles tendon rupture Gouty arthropathy Hallux valgus Hallux rigidus Nail Pathology – ingrown nail Morton disease


Spinal deformities (scoliosis, kyphosis) Spondylosis Lumbar discopathy Radiculopathy Spine trauma

Other diseases

Osteoporosis Bone tumors


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Orthopedic Private Cabinet Dr. Faur Cosmin

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